The Knuckles range of mountains is situated apart from the central highlands of the island by a deeply incised valley of the Mahaweli also called the Dumbara valley. 
The area is also been called the ‘Forgotten Valley’ because of its splendid isolation from the rest of the island.
The unique feature of these mountains is its ruggedness, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the island.
More than thirty-five peaks rise above nine hundred meters.Gombaniya is the highest of these peaks at an elevation of 1900 meters.
Due to Topographical and Climatic variations of the region several natural vegetation types have developed. These include Montane, Sub Montane and Semi evergreen Forests.Riverine Forests also called River Forest Galleries are present in areas on either sides of Rivers and Streams. Wet and Dry Patana Grasslands and Savannas add to the different shades of green.
In the areas bordering the forest are the man made Home Gardens alongside rice terraces and vegetable plots.
This unique eco system within the knuckles has created a rich diverse Flora and Fauna. Many of the species are endemic and considered rare. In addition, the Knuckles range of forests is an important source for the Mahaweli the islands longest river.